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Membership Form (£5 gbp / year):
(overseas members: €10 joining fee, €8 yearly subscription or USD €10 joining fee)

The Varne Owners Association is a Club, run by members, for members.
Annual Subs help fund the costs of running the club.
Active participation helps make our club stronger; as well as general discussion via the forum, if you have time to contribute to the club's running: either arranging social meetings, cruises in company, writing articles for 'The Lightship' - or in some other way, this helps all members.

Non-owner members welcome too!

If you would like to join, please either:

To pay online, please send £10.00 (£5 if renewing) via paypal to address:

To pay by Cheque, please make payable to Varne Owners Association and post to the address on the membership form.

Download the Membership Form Here (pdf)

Please contact us if you need assistance. Subscriptions rates are:
UK Members : 5.00 joining fee, 5.00 yearly subscription. Other Members : Euro: €10 joining fee, €8 yearly subscription or USD €10 joining fee, €10 yearly subscription


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Cherokee in the Baltic - Summer 2006