Essex to Cornwall 2012

Memoirs of a journey from West Mersea to Mylor in June/July 2012 (or “the camera comes out when the rain goes away”).

The main header image above shows Krugerrand shortly after our arrival (Phil, Rebs and Matt) in Salcombe. Site photography: Dr Rebecca Smith, Philip Badger, Matthew Geyman.

Mersea to Mylor

Leg 1: West Mersea to Ramsgate (Thames Estuary) – Matt & Ollie, Mon 25th June

Leg 2: Ramsgate to Newhaven – Matt & Ollie, Tue 26th June

Leg 3: Newhaven to Portsmouth – Matt & Ollie, Weds 27th June

Leg 4: Portsmouth to Yarmouth (Solent) – Matt & Ollie, Thur 28th June

Leg 5: Yarmouth to Poole (bumpy) – Matt & Ollie, Friday 29th June

Leg 6: Poole to Weymouth – Matt, Ollie & Rebs, Sunday 1st July

Leg 7: Weymouth to Dartmouth – Matt & Rebs, Weds 4th July

Leg 8: Dartmouth to Salcombe – Matt, Rebs and Phil, Thursday 5th July

Leg 9: Salcombe to Fowey – Matt, Rebs and Phil, Friday 6th July

Leg 10: Fowey to Mylor (Falmouth) – Matt, Rebs and Phil, Saturday 7th July